Welcome to Heisuikan School of Martial Arts

Heisui Bujutsu Kan (Calm Water Martial Arts School) was founded by Jeff Reach Shihan after moving to Pell City, AL in 2017. Reach Shihan is the former President and Chief Instructor of the Meishinkan (Place of Bright Truth) Martial Arts School, also known as, Finish Strong Martial Arts in Lehigh Acres Florida.

Reach Shihan founded the Heisui Bujutsu Kan as a means of continuing the legacy that was started at the Meishinkan, while paying homage to his new home near beautiful Lake Logan Martin. The Calm Waters of Lake Logan Martin was the initial inspiration of the name, but the name has a deeper meaning. Calm waters are not only beautiful but relaxing. Calm waters are also very susceptible to change. The slightest influence can have dramatic results. The dramatic results seen on calm waters when something is introduced is the effect we wish to have on students who train with us.

Classes are held at the Lincoln City Center in Lincoln, Alabama on Tuesday and Thursday Nights starting at 6pm for youth students (Age 7-11) and 7pm for Teens and Adults (12 & UP).



First classes took place!

Heisuikan School of Martial Arts in partnership with the Lincoln City Center (Lincoln Parks and Recreation) had its first class last night the 7th of November.  Tim Morgan Shihan of Endurance Martial Arts, our sister school in Pelham, Alabama joined us for our grand opening class.

Although this is a new program we are excited about the future. 


Karate to be in 2020 Olympics

The summer games of 2020 will feature a new sport.  Olympic Sport Karate as organized by the World Karate Federation will be the featured new sport.  Our schools instructor is a life member of the USA National Karate-do Federation (USA Karate) and has competed, judged, refereed, and coached athletes for elite level competition.

Heisuikan School of Martial Arts will be an active participant in the Olympic Karate movement and we encourage everyone to get involved.

View the short video below for a glimpse into this dynamic combat sport!